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About The Waggoners

A little bit of history…

The Waggoners has not changed its use for over 400 years, although when first built it is believed to have been housing for workers at Brocket Hall. It has always served drink and food but the custom that visits the area has changed as it was primarily used as a coaching inn, hence the name.

The Waggoners, along with The Shoulder of Mutton (The Red Lion) was the last pub at the top of the Mountain Slow. During its oldest period The Waggoners would have been the more dominant of pubs catering for commercial transport of the times. The Waggoners was built on level ground enabling waggon drivers not to labour their horses immediately after their rest by pulling loads up-hill from a standing start especially after still being worn out from the long drag up Mountain Slow.

Infamous brothers, the Fox twins would drink in The Waggoners, well remembered as poachers, they looked so alike their best friends could not tell them apart. The story told about the two characters is whenever one was summoned to appear at the police court the other would present himself to answer the charge. Needless to say they were invariably able to prove ones innocence every time and consistently made the prosecution look foolish.

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